Please understand that the prices listed below are estimates or general prices. If your particular garment is easier or harder to work with than average, the price may be lower or higher. Altering a garment to fit you is a very individual service and prices vary accordingly, especially for bridal and formal wear.


Pants - $10-15, with cuffs -$20-25

Dresses - $20-30 very full skirts, multiple lining layers, or layers of netting will be an additional charge

Shorten at the waist - $35-50


Take in or let out - $15-20, extra with linings that are separate
Dresses can only be let out if there is extra fabric in the seam, sheer fabrics are frequently sewn so that there is little or no extra fabric available.

Take in or let out at zipper - $20-25, more if it involves linings, netting, a waist seam, or piping

Taking up at shoulder -$10-20, for a sleeveless dress, more if sleeves or piping are involved

Adding darts - $10-15


This is a highly individual service. Charges range from $10 for a simple bustle to $50 or more if a complex or double bustle is needed. We aim for the best look for you in your gown.

Bra Cups

$7.50 - includes cost of cups

Bead Work or Appliques

$15 per hour

Pressing or steaming

Bridal gowns - $30-50
Bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls - $15

Other services available with estimates provided during consultation.